Level 10 Life: A Method for Improving Satisfaction in 10 Areas of your Life

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I’ll admit I’m pretty new to Level 10 Life, so I’ll explain what I understand of it and then link you to a much better description. Level 10 Life comes from a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, a book about transforming your life by various means, including waking up at 7 every morning, which I just haven’t been able to commit to yet (haha). But it includes a goal-setting method where you rate 10 areas of your life and list ways to get those areas to a “Level 10.”

*As promised, here’s a more in-depth explanation from Boho Berry.

When I was setting up my layout in my bullet journal I was trying to think of different goals I could set and ways to reach level 10 in various areas. I did some research looking for other people’s specifics to spark inspiration for my own, but didn’t find as many as I had hoped, so I’m sharing mine in the hopes it will help you out like the others I did find helped me.

My Level 10 Life Areas

My areas are as follows:

  1. Family & Friends
  2. Personal Development
  3. Spirituality
  4. Finances
  5. Career
  6. Beauty
  7. Environment
  8. Giving & Contribution
  9. Health
  10. Recreation

Beauty is typically “Marriage” but because I am not in any type of romantic relationship, I had to improvise. You can replace any category with one of your own choice. While I’m not sure if that’s encouraged by Hal Elrod, it has to work for me and if a category doesn’t work for you, what’s the point in keeping it?

Level 10 Life Spread

My Level 10 Life Goals

As you can see from the above photo, my Level 10 Life doesn’t have any highly rated sections. This was actually depressing to do because I rated so many areas so low, but I’m glad I did it. Overall I’m a happy person, but clearly there is plenty of room for improvement in my life to be well-rounded and happy with my circumstances. Next to each area I have put in parentheses my current rating of that category.

  1. Family & Friends (3)

    – Send more cards and letters
    – Message a friend once a week
    – Call Jessica (my best friend) every two weeks
    – Suggest easy & cheap trips for mom & me
    – Buy more gifts
    – Visit Indianapolis (my hometown where all my friends are) more often
    – Text with my sister more

  2. Personal Development (3)

    – Start learning Spanish
    – Take a sewing class
    – Read every day
    – Listen to more podcasts
    – Learn time management skills
    – Improve handwriting & doodling
    – Be more involved in the community & current events
    – Be a better conversationalist
    – Don’t participate in negative gossip
    – Help more with household chores

  3. Spirituality (4)

    – Learn to meditate
    – Pray “like Daniel”
    – Read my Bible every day
    – Join a Bible study
    – Do a devotional every day
    – Submit my own devotionals
    – Find a church & attend regularly
    – Pray for those who ask
    – Read more Christian books/listen to more worship music

  4. Finances (0)

    – Create a budget
    – Never delay vet care
    – Always have food money
    – Help my mom with bills
    – Start paying on debt
    – Pay off the state of Indiana
    – Purchase a car
    – Improve credit score
    – Have $1,000 in savings
    – Pay my sister back
    – Take a yearly vacation
    – Make enough money to support myself

  5. Career (4)

    – Graduate college with my associate’s
    – Pass my boards and clinical sims
    – Earn my RRT license
    – Take a job as an RT
    – Earn a raise at current job
    – 3.0 or higher GPA
    – Get my bachelor’s degree

    Level 10 Life Spread

  6. Beauty (2)

    – Get a monthly manicure
    – Get my hair cut every six weeks
    – Reduce pore appearance
    – Clear complexion
    – Wear more lipstick/lip gloss
    – Moisturize every day
    – Get teeth whitened

  7. Environment (1)

    – Clean litter boxes every 2 days
    – Tidy up each day
    – Keep clothes put away
    – Clean house weekly/keep schedule
    – Have my own place
    – Move to a bigger city
    – Keep an organized craft space
    – Declutter knick knacks
    – Make sure every item has a home

  8. Giving & Contribution (0)

    – Donate 10% of income to worthy causes
    – Help a struggling family
    – Volunteer twice a month
    – Donate food to or buy food for the hungry
    – Buy a family Thanksgiving dinner
    – Buy Christmas gifts for a family
    – Make a monthly contribution somewhere (like ASPCA)

  9. Health (3)

    – Take a multivitamin daily
    – Floss at night
    – Have better posture
    – Keep up with asthma medications
    – 28% body fat or better
    – Learn to meal plan
    – Don’t cheat on healthy diet
    – Exercise 30 minutes  day 5 times a week
    – Sleep no more than 10 hours a day
    – Get 80 grams of protein each day
    – Run a 5K
    – Get a tummy tuck

  10. Recreation (0)

    – Go to the beach
    – See a Colts game in person
    – Try something new each month
    – Take a cooking class
    – Get with a friend once a month
    – Visit a theme park
    – Go ziplining
    – Travel out of the country and to new states
    – Do something fun with mom once a month
    – Get a massage

Level 10 Life Spread

My First Steps

I set one goal (or two) for each category to achieve to get me started and I will continue making a new goal each time I reach one. I didn’t see anyone else do this, but I think it will work well for me to have small individual goals to reach in the short-term to help build up to the bigger ones. Many of my goals are dependent on financial ability so sometimes I have to set more realistic ones until I am better off in that department.

Family & Friends: Call Jessica
Personal Development: Read a new book every week
Spirituality: Take “Pray Like Daniel” course; devotional every day
Finances: Save enough to get to Christine’s wedding
Career: Get an A in my summer class
Beauty: Use acne medicine daily
Environment: Create a cleaning schedule
Giving & Contribution: Donate to Jady’s Room
Health: Take a multivitamin daily
Recreation: See a movie with mom; go bowling

So, I hope I sparked some interest in this method of life improvement and inspired you with some ideas of how to do it yourself! If you are going to try this yourself, leave a note in the comments so I can encourage you!

I’m Katie, and I’m out until next time!

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